Brushed Metal Office Lobby Sign Raised Letters 3D Logo Easy Installation Exterior Grade Materials

Timber Art Signs

$ 350.00 $ 600.00

 Give your office a professional look with this easy to install custom made aluminum metal faced sign. This exterior grade weather proof composite material sign is great outdoors or indoors, it is coated with UV resistant protective coating. 

Two install options available.

Option one it can attach to the wall with 3M adhesive tape and can be installed by just about anybody but requires a clean surface the adhesive tape can stick to like painted drywall, plastic, glass or clean metal.

Option two is with with metal studs and a drill guide, with this option the logo can be mounted on surfaces like uneven stone, wood, cement or stucco. The stud option is excellent for secure exterior installation to building walls and siding.

The will sign come with an alignment template for easy positioning and perfect letter alignment. Once the letters are in place just remove the template and the installation completed. A sign pictured typically will take 10-20 minutes to install.

This listing is for a stand alone logo sign 5 x 2 feet. If you need another size please send an email with a vector logo and size requirements. A mock up will be made upon request for a custom logo. 

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